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Devil Child

Devil Child first went online on TopCities on January 12, 2002. Back then, it was just a tiny shrine to Dante, with a tiny repository of my own fanart and one fanfiction, but it was the only English one out there. It then slowly grew into a more general fansite since I started collecting doujinshi and wanted a spot to show off all these awesome books. Eventually, more games came out for the series, inspiring me to draw and write more; at the same time, the fandom grew, and my links page was no longer so bare and pathetic.


Nyx has been a Devil May Cry fan since 2002, when her brother rented the game completely at random. She fell in love with it and later got it for Christmas. Nyx has been playing all the games in the series and collecting merchandise and fanworks since.


The layout of the site was designed by the amazing Lerefuge, because she's just that cool. She used images from Devil May Cry 2 because that game has the best graphic material available, and also because we agree that DMC2!Dante is, visually, the most stylish of the three Dantes we had seen so far at the time. DMC4!Dante is damn hot as well, though, despite the ridiculous chaps.


Devil Child is now hosted on HostGator. I recommend them!

Domain Name

The domain names, devilchild.ca and devilmaycry.ca, were bought from Domainsatcost, a reseller for Canadian (.ca) domains.


Devil Child is built and updated using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Filezilla.

Powered by…

Devil Child is powered in part by PHP, BellaBook, FanUpdate, IntenseDebate, Lightbox2 and MediaShelf. It also uses some Fugue icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane as list bullets and the guestbook uses Silk icons by FamFamFam as smileys, because they're so adorable :3.

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