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Let’s Rock, Baby!

Welcome to my Devil May Cry fansite! I am Nyx Midnight, Nyx for short, and Devil Child is the online repository of all my Devil May Cry fanworks, be it art, literature, or any other thing. The site has come a long way from simple Dante shrine to full-fledged fansite, and I'm very proud of all the work I have accomplished.

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Devil Child Updates

Posted Oct 31, 2015. Filed under Paper Scraps, Devil Child, Nyx's Lounge, Amala Network, Facing Destiny, Grab Bag, Emperor & Magician, La Poupée qui fait non.

Hello dear visitors!

A short word to let you know that I will be on hiatus from… pretty much everything, including making and updating websites this November, because I have signed up for NaNoWriMo! Please look forward to my work, a rewrite of the video game DmC: Devil May Cry, and thank you for visiting!

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